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Kim is a Meditation Expert, Mindset Coach, Energy Healer & Founder of MIE MIND.

She provides step by step techniques with simple yet effective techniques that can be integrated in life immediately.

There is something for everyone no matter what level you are starting at & what your intention is.

The first step is always getting started somewhere!

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New Moon Meditation

We often FORGET and massively UNDERESTIMATE the power that lies in a thought - a desire - a wish 

The new moon energy is the perfect time to do just that - sow a seed, implant an idea , strech your mind into the cosmos 

So I invite you to sow a seed in the new moon energy and BEGIN to create the life u desire 

Meditation for Busy Professionals

4 out of 5 successful people attribute their success to a daily meditation.
Research has proven that meditation has positive effects on physical health, better brain capacity & resilience to any stress.
This meditation for busy professionals, is created for you or someone you know that wants to try meditation, but doesn't know where to begin. & honestly may not have the time or mental space.
Every meditation is not more than 10 minutes, so effective & time efficient.
I truly know how stressful life can be with long winded days, business targets & no time for self. On the other spectrum, I also remember waking up & going to an office & feeling “No sense” of connection & fulfilment.
With that in mind this program has been created to raise you & bring you to a state of connection, clarity & presence --- with yourself.

The Master Manifestor Meditation

Manifesting is a gift that all of us have- IF we choose to use it 

In my opinion & experience Manifesting & healing go hand in hand.

In this meditation we tap into God/Universal energy for a cleanse from all blocks & then anchor our intentions in that pure energy.

Practice this meditation for 7 days consecutively & then come back to it every month for 3 days consecutively or as you feel called to it.

Body Scan clearing meditation- for women

Our AURA is our energy power & within our aura is information- our past, our fears, our dreams too & the information of others that we carry when we meet or think of them.

When we walk around with this "heaviness" in your energy, we feel tired, exhausted & find it difficult to achieve even the most simple tasks within a day.

Full Moon Meditation

During the full  moon the energy automatically supports in releasing blocks, you don't necessarily   have to believe or fully understand , but set an intention , drop into your consciousness & let go.

A Moment for Me

A Moment for Me is a initiative by Gemma Carroll though "The Refillables"-  Refill your SOUL specially created for the Cisco Team.

Kim Shelar - Founder of Mie Mind - joins you every week to lead the way to Brighten that Spark within you.

In this 52 week session ( once a week) we dive into simple techniques via meditation to energize your mind, de-stress, and ignite the brilliance

If you have missed it, here are all the recordings for your ease & practice.

Remember - any day is a good day to get started

See you inside 

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